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A Reggio-Inspired School for children from 1 year to 15 years of age from Nursery, Preschool to Primary and Middle School.

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Welcome to Aurora Welcome to Aurora

Welcome to Aurora


We look forward to creating new adventures and fond memories with you and your child. We are very excited for your child’s learning journey, which will be filled with endless inquiry, exploration, investigation and discovery.

“To make a school which is lovable (industrious, inventive, livable, documentable and communicable; a place of research, learning, reflection and recognition) where children, teachers and families are happy – this is our purpose. To give it organisation, contents, functions, procedures, motivations and interests, this is the strategy which aims to bring together the centralities, intensify relations between the protagonists.”

– Loris Malaguzzi 

Academic Year 2024 – 2025 Academic Year 2024 – 2025

Academic Year 2024 – 2025

THREAD OF IDENTITY – “Weaving the stories that shape us”

We transition from place to identity, aiming to involve more families in contributing to children’s voices. We aspire for our learners to empower themselves, enhance self-awareness, and foster healthy relationships with others and within themselves. Additionally, our focus extends to their overall well-being, encompassing mental and physical health, among other aspects.

The admission for the school year 2024 – 2025, starting another fabulous learning journey from August 2024 is now open to welcome children and learners from 12 months to 15 years of age.

Please contact us at 📧 admissions@auroraschool.vn or ☎️ (+84) 028 3744 2991 for more information.

Aurora Ecosystem

Children are active protagonists of their growth and development processes as our core value at Aurora Ecosystem.

“We are and we need to be convinced of this – in an ecosystem: Our journey on earth is a journey that we take together with the environment, with nature, with the cosmos; Our organism, our morality, our culture, our feelings are connected to the environment, to the universe, to the world. And therein lies the web of our life.”  

– Loris Malaguzzi 

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Nursery & Preschool Nursery & Preschool

Nursery & Preschool

Children in our Nursery and Preschool develop number sense and literacy skills through everyday projects and provocation in their daily exploration.

Play sets the foundation for the development of critical social and emotional knowledge and skills. Through play, children learn to forge connections with others and to share, negotiate and resolve conflicts, as well as learn self-advocacy skills. Play also teaches children leadership as well as group skills. Furthermore, play is a natural tool that children can use to build their resilience and coping skills, as they learn to navigate relationships and deal with social challenges as well as conquer their fears.

“We think of a school for young children as an integral living organism, as a place of shared lives and relationships among many adults and very many children. We think of school as a sort of construction in motion, continuously adjusting itself.”

– Loris Malaguzzi

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Primary Primary


Our educational philosophy is inspired by the Reggio Emilia experience within a Vietnamese cultural context. Responsibility, community involvement, respect, and sustainability are at the core of what drives our school. Under-pinning our educational philosophy is the image of the child: a competent child, full of knowledge, potential, and curiosity, active in constructing his or her own knowledge through interactions with others and the environment around them. By adopting the New Zealand curriculum, we are able to integrate a Reggio Emillia-inspired philosophy, with an Inquiry-Based approach to teaching and learning practices.  

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Middle School Middle School

Middle School

Facilities and New Senior Primary to Middle School Villa 

Senior Primary and Middle School learners learn, explore, and play in our new Primary and Middle School Villa. This villa includes, as well as our beautiful classrooms, a science lab, art atelier, language labs, and more, where learners can learn about multiple subject areas with a range of specialists who we refer to at Aurora as our collaborative teachers. We are extremely fortunate in the design of this villa which offers a range of outdoor spaces for learners to play, read, plant, conduct research, and explore. 

Our vision for learning in Senior Primary and Middle School 

As in Preschool and Primary, we maintain our focus upon the child at the centre of all we do and our vision of them as capable individuals with ownership and agency over their learning. Our vision of an Aurora Learner is equally applicable for the Middle School children. However, there are some differences to teaching and learning for these grade levels. he learners are increasingly independent and eager to research and complete projects alone and in groups. We allow greater flexibility for them to do this so that they can plan events such as the Aurora Olympics, end of year disco, etc. on a broader scale and engage in more learning outside the classroom in the community to gain more authentic understanding of sustainability and social issues in the local area. 

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Explore Our School

Aurora was started in October 2015 and opened its doors to the first children in March of 2016, representing the fulfillment of a dream of a local mother and ambitious educators who had long envisioned a high-quality Early Years education and care environment for Vietnam’s youngest citizens.

Exploration Projects Exploration Projects

Exploration Projects



Join us on this extraordinary journey, where ateliers are not confined to a single space but are woven into the very fabric of our school. Atelier Adventures celebrates the boundless creativity and the joyous exploration that takes place within our walls. Discover the magic of ateliers and witness the transformation of young learners into confident, innovative thinkers.

🔸 For children from 2 years to 13 years of age who are already comfortable in a school setting

🔸 6 weeks of summer (1 July 2024 – 9 August 2024)

☀️ Limited spaces available

🐦 EARLY BIRD before 1 APRIL 2024

Please contact us at 📧 admissions@auroraschool.vn or ☎️ (+84) 028 3744 2991 for more information.

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Bambini Project



Aurora First Encounters: The Pleasure of Wonder will provide a context for parents to learn alongside the children and get to know the Aurora approach. Through the courses:

– Children will benefit from a beautiful environment and rich experiences with open-ended materials.

– Children will become familiar with the environment and some teachers before the settle in as enrolled children in future years.

– Parents will have the opportunity to learn alongside their children, about how children learn through play, gentle respectful pedagogy, and the Reggio Emilia Experience.

– Parents will understand Te Whariki (New Zealand Curriculum) and principles of RIE. Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) is a parenting philosophy. The basic beliefs that guide RIE Parenting are defined by mutual respect, trust, and connection between parent and child. RIE aims to view your child as a unique human with their own identity, preferences, and desires.

Please register with us through the link https://bit.ly/AuroraFirstEncounters 

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